Thursday, April 4, 2013

{Part 2} Nautical Baby Shower Invitation and Games


The theme and invitations were the first detail we put together. Even before my sister knew her baby was a boy I had already created the invite in Photoshop and had started to gather pins on my Nautical Party Pinterest board. You can imagine how elated I was when we confirmed it was a boy and that my sister OK the theme. 

The invitation was a  3" square with two sides and included an insert business card size. The front of the insert was in English and the back in Spanish. I printed them through Pro Digital Photo. They are awesome, great quality, and fast turnaround. 

Diaper Insert 
If you have never checked out Paper Mart you are missing out. It is my go to site for packaging and other party related needs. I decided to box the invites in a 3.5x3.5 red jewelry box (product number 4563033) added some yellow shred  and finished them off with a white cording (469931010) from Paper Mart as well.

All dolled up.

 I also ordered these cards which we made into scratchers. We followed a Pinterest tutorial to make the scratcher "paint" I don't know what else to call it. Its a 2:1 ratio of Silver Metallic Paint and Dawn liquid soap.

We played the Guessing game in which we also filled a giant baby bottle we picked up at JoAnn's and filled it with 274 Swedish Fish candy. I couldn't find it in bulk so I bought 18 of the movie size candy boxes to fill it. (I wish I had pictures of it but with all the things I had to do it slipped my mind) The guests recorded their guesses on these cards that I printed. Again the cards were in both English and Spanish. 

Guessing Game- Guess the number of Swedish Fish in Giant Baby Bottle.
Scratcher- Who ever had the word Baby Eli won.
Feeding Game- 3 pairs compete to see who can finish a baby food jar the fastest. Feeder is blind folded.
Pour it up Pour it up- That's what I called it because I like Rihanna's song ;) You take 3 bottles and fill them up with juice or another drink and whoever is the first to drink it all wins. I used the medicine cups that have the bottle nipple attached to them, which I purchased at the 99 cent store. 
Dress the Baby- I bought three huge babies at Walmart (11 dollars each) and purchased three sets of clothes at the 99 cents store. A baby hat, socks, onesies, and diapers. Whoever dresses the baby first wins. 
Guess Mommy's Tummy- E
ach guest cut a piece of string the size they though my sister's tummy was. The closest without going over wins.
Bingo- Created Bingo cards in Photoshop and used these cute pencils to check off the boxes. I ordered the pencils from a this seller on Ebay. She is amazing! Fast shipping and great quality. 

Bingo Cards
Golf Pencils Jeremiah 1:5 Yup, just  Tim Tebowed it ;)

We handed out the Nautical Boutineer pins to each of our guests. I LOVE this ribbon also from Paper Mart (5828072). I cut 14" long strips, folded in half, tied a nautical knot and hot glued a pin to the back to attach. 

Phewwww that was a long post. Hope you enjoyed some of the details. I will be posting the tablescape details soon so please stay tuned!


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